Monday, March 9, 2009

music video outline

So I wrote up a more detailed music video plotline. The premise of the outline will most likely to stay unchanged, but the details will be up for changes and new ideas. I'm going to start doing some thumbnail sketches this week and next week. I'll post some of them on the blog, not to spoil away too much. Once I finish the storyboards I'll pitch them to the band. And... we'll see how things go from there! I'll also setup a schedule/calendar after the storyboards are done. Then we'll know what is needed to be done.

outline here!


  1. I'm enjoying the progress on ideas so far. What do you mean in the note "I think the musical instruments are too much"?

  2. Thanks!
    I don't want to clutter too much ideas into such a short 4 min video. But I think I'm keeping the musical instruments. It makes sense to have you guys rock out in the shark's stomach.