Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry for the late update. I've been busy with a gallery show coming up in Astoria, but now its done. I'm back on full throttle working on the music video. Most of you have already seen the storyboards below, but I'll post more later. I plan to pitch the entire story to the band by the end of this month. Jared will have the new recording on the new song by then as well. Once I have the new recording I'll be able to time out the storyboards into a reel. I also plan to do some test shots in May. Like testing how the shark will shoot laser beams out of its mouth. Or how we can hang two of the band members on the wall ceiling to look like they are stuck on a tree. I know, this sounds all confusing right now, but once the storyboards are done you'll get the visualized idea.


  1. I guess we're all back in town and ready to get moving forwards as well. We're still trying to figure out getting you the recording by the end of the month. Some how it'll happen. I'm still super stoked about this project.

  2. the wood paintings you have on your other blog are sick! awesome work you have here!

  3. thanks dudes! I've got more storyboards to show here soon :D