Tuesday, March 3, 2009

some initial early designs

Hey guys. So this will be the official blog for the music video project for "Jared Mees and the Grown Children". So far the music video project is directed to the song "The Tallest Building in Hell" (TTBH). Jared did express his enthusiasm at a new song "oh my oh god" new remix, but for now we'll continue with TTBH. And below are my early initial costume/character designs for the band members, follow with Julian's idea of Jared riding an ostrich in the beginning of the video.


So the premise of the video story is that Jared is a lost soul in hell. He sees the tower that leads out of the underworld. Along his journey, he makes contact with four demons/spirits (the grown children). Each demon has a weapon or accessory that will aid Jared to climb the tower. He trades a musical instrument for say... a sword or an illuminating crown. At the climax of the story, Jared battles a flying shark that shoots laser/fire out of its mouth. He defeats the shark but is too exhausted to leave. That's when the demons come back and guide him to the top of the tower and out of hell. That is just the brief of it. We'll update the story more once we have storyboards.

I've been doing some research on demon designs. Here's an interesting book from the 18th century on demon and evil spirits of the Christian and Judaism mythology.


  1. Sounds pretty epic. We'll do some lighting tests and location scouting soon.

  2. I'm totally bought in... I pledge my services to the project