Wednesday, May 13, 2009

costume designs

The storyboards are DONE!!!! Now, I'm suppose to receive a recording of the song from the band sometime this month. Then I can edit a storyreel together, and the production will begin! Below are the final designs of the costume for the characters. Megan and Carrie are going to help me out with the costume design and sewing. I know the basics of sewing from halloween costume experiences... but making something that will look this good... is beyond my skill. So thanks Carrie and Meg!!! Over the last weekend, Vi and I also did a test shot (for those of you witnessed it outside of TLE). I dressed myself in my old squid halloween costume, and vi shot me in front of a green screen. I'm compositing together a reel test to show what a film will look like when its done. Sort of what it will look like...

Here's the new designs

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